Annual Sustainability Reporting Made Easy
Sustainability Reports That Win Hearts and Minds
What is a good sustainability report?
Annual Sustainability or CSR Report is key to building an organization's credibility among stakeholders.
Stakeholders expect companies to disclose sustainability progress, and shortcomings, in a transparent manner adhering to the principles of materiality.
Investors ask for it. Customers want to see it. NGOs demand it. And many stock exchanges encourage it.
Not having annual sustainability reports is no longer an option for any company.
A well crafted sustainability report demonstrates a company's commitment to accountability, builds reputation, boosts brand equity, attracts investors, gains customers' confidence, and keeps stakeholders engaged constructively.
A poorly written report does just the opposite.
Why CSRWorks?
Because CSRWorks has a team of international sustainability experts who help you produce cutting edge annual reports irrespective of the size or sector of your company.
Our robust report-building model makes the process simple and hassle free. We assist you in developing the reporting concept and in the selection of GRI indicators. Data gathering and analysis is a breeze with our user-friendly tools. We write the report and secure GRI approval for the report application level.
At the same time, our uniquely designed approach helps you to identify opportunities to improve internal processes, save operational costs, measure progress and steer the company in the right direction.
Whether it's your first sustainability report or whether you aspire to take your current reporting to the next level of excellence, CSRWorks can tailor solutions that suit your needs and align with your available resources.
CSRWorks helps you to conform with international reporting frameworks and sustainability guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsbility, the United Nations Global Compact principles, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Water Footprint Network Standards.
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