Annual CSR Report Assurance
Independent Assurance That Builds Credibility
Why Independent Assurance?
As more and more companies are starting to publish their annual CSR and sustainability reports, credibility of these reports is fast becoming an issue.
Stakeholders want to know whether they can trust claims made by companies in their reports. They want to know if an independent party has verified the data and information provided in the report.
Leading sustainability frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative, ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility and leading stock exchanges such as Singapore Exchange emphasize the importance of external verification of reports.
External verification and assurance of CSR and sustainability reports adds credibility and increases stakeholder confidence.
Why CSRWorks?
CSRWorks provides external verification and independent assurance services for CSR and sustainability reports and carbon footprint reports.
CSRWorks follows international standards such as GRI and AA1000AS to verify CSR and sustainability reports. For the verification of carbon emissions reports, we follow the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.
CSRWorks brings over 14 years of rigorous experience in CSR assessments and audits across Asia in a wide range of industry sectors. Our international team of assessors includes highly respected and reputed sustainability experts. All this translates into a highly reliable and authoritative assurance of reports that we undertake.
CSRWorks applies a strict conflict of interest policy which further enhances the quality and objectivity of assurance.
CSRWorks offers various levels of assurance to meet the needs of every organization irrespective of size, sector or stage of reporting.
Enhance the credibility of your CSR/sustainability report by including our assurance statement.
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CSRWorks is an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider
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